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Here's a little bit about myself..

Hi there, I'm Hedda.

I am a senior freelance designer living in Munich, creating and building brands both home and abroad. When I am not working, I enjoy warm weather, travelling, the outdoors, bike rides with my husband and daughter to the nearby lakes and bavarian food. Most importantly though, I'm an aesthetic addict. I love beautiful things of any kind and even more I love to make them.

Born and raised in Germany, I then worked, travelled, studied and lived in different places around the world like Spain, Maldives and New Zealand,...

I have had the great privilege of working on some really cool projects across the globe and very much enjoy tapping into the different cultures and understanding their

design needs.


Over the years, while working for design and branding agencies, I established the expertise in the field of branding and corporate identity while working for big corporate clients. However I very much also enjoy working for smaller businesses and startup companies. With a fine eye for detail and the appreciation for delicate illustration and high end typography I have helped several start up companies to establish a sophisticated visual identity right from the start. 


Want to say hi? Drop me a line in german or english and I'll get in touch with you.


Hedda Beer  Design & Branding

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