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Print Design

O2 Christmas Card

This piece was produced while I was working for Lambie-Nairn. Their client O2 briefed us to come up with an innovative Christmas Card. The card is a triple fold card with a 3D pop-up mechanism for the christmas tree.


O2 Internal Campaign

While working for Lambie-Nairn, I did the art direction as well as the design and production for this internal campaign.

Actual staff were part of this internal awards program and featured on big posters throughout the O2 tower in Munich.

O2 Young People

While working for Lambie-Nairn, I developed this new design concept for all of O2's young people communication. Things that had to be newly defined were:


image style

font treatment

image treatment


new graphic assets

"Good" Magazine 

I was asked to design a layout and illustration for "good magazine" as part of a seasonal storytelling article.

Vintage typography and old school scissor-type silhouttes support the story in a unique way.

Fashion Brochure

This project was created during the cause of studying design at Natcoll Christchurch, New Zealand. The task was to create a fashion brochure from scratch:


overall concept 



own photograhy


photoshop post production


I enjoyed this project so much that I kept it in my portfolio ever since.... thanks to Martina for being my model.

Billabong Annual Report

This project was also created during the cause of studying design at Natcoll Christchurch, New Zealand. And even though not being an actual commercial project, it is still one of my favourites.
These were the deliverables:


overall concept 


own photograhy (50%)

photoshop post production


I am a sucker for surfer projects!

Hedda Beer  Design & Branding

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