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Buddha Body Care

Buddha Body Care is a luxury Australian organic, vegan and palm oil free skin care range.The Buddha Body Care philosophy is to create beautiful skin care products using the purest of ingredients to nurture both mind and body. After designing the corporate identity for the brand, I applied it onto the packaging range that includes various different formats such as glass bottles, soap boxes, wooden boxes and glass jars.

Photos by Estelle Judah

Schleich Packaging

From knights and historical characters to animals and fantasy figurines, millions of children know the world of Schleich products.

To ensure that the brand is enjoyed by future generations, Lambie-Nairn was briefed to develop a holistic approach for the branding.

We focused on developing a strong core idea for the brand and have created the packaging for the full range of products within the portfolio.
We developed the idea of ”Anywhere’s a playground” to reflect how the world is seen through the eyes of a child. The Schleich toys are positioned in a fantasy playground, where everything is possible. To make children feel valued and taken seriously, we’ve visualized their stories and adventurous spirit.

Bloomsberry Chocolates 

When working for an Agency in New Zealand called

"Out of the Blue", one of our clients was the chocolate manufacturer Bloomsberry. Bloomberry is known for its quirky designs and unconventional products. I was asked to come up with the easter range for Australia.

Newtown Coffee Roasters

I created a packaging system for this new coffee brand from Edinburgh.While the bags are being stamped, the labels work as stickers, each of them visualizing the specific character of the different grounds. To emphasize on the handmade character I chose an old typewriter font and stamping textures..

Hedda Beer  Design & Branding

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