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Mountain Wedding

Jamie and Andi had this beautiful mountain wedding in the woods.  Lots of work had to be done beforehand. I created a logo and several other wedding items to ensure a holistic look and feel thougout all applications. To bring across the rustic feeling of the outdoors that they love so much, we printed their invitation on actual wood an chose natural paper for all the other items.

Save the Date

Making sure that everyone saves this important date, Andi and Jamie asked me to come up with an original concept for their 'save the date'...bavarian man steals away a girl from Philadelphia...

Bavaria meets New Zealand

I met my husband in New Zealand. Who would have thought out of all those nationalities and especially those 4 million Kiwis, that I would end up with a young man from Bavaria.

As you can see, the illustration combines it all:
the loving couple, the countries and the fact that the world goes round..

Hedda Beer  Design & Branding

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