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Qatar 2022

Working for Lambie-Nairn, the agency was tasked to create a complete brand identity around the bid of Qatar to be the host of "FIFA World Cup in 2022" 

I was asked to work on the design development amongst a team of designers and created illustration assets to complete the overall concept.


Inspired by the gritty vigour of this youthful Arab state and full of the passion and energy of the beautiful game. The brand identity is bold, dynamic and flexible and as appealing to local Qatari people as it is to international business partners.

Candy House

Just a pretty illustration for a company called Candy House. Candy House is going to be aon Etsy, selling things crafted from licorice root.

Skinny Dipping

This illustration was submitted to a T-shirt design contest. Skinny dipping turtles... didn't win but made me smile ;-)

Fashion Illustration

I was asked to submit an illustration of a whimsical shoe for a collective booklet on illustrations, to be published in 2014. Lucky I am a shoe addict!

Childrens Book

This project was done during the cause of studying design at Natcoll Christchurch, New Zealand (now called Yobee school of design). The students had to pick a children's book story and illlustrate it. I could not resist my german roots and designed a quirky version of "Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten". 

Magazine Illustrations

I was asked to design a layout and illustration for "good magazine" as part of a seasonal storytelling article.

Vintage typography and old school scissor-type silhouttes support the story in a unique way.

Christmas Greetings

This illustration was created for Lambie-Nairn as a digital Christmas card. 

The mountains are calling

I designed a knife for Victorinox 2016 classic edition.

The design was chosen to be tthe winning design out of 1022 submissions.

Hedda Beer  Design & Branding

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